What to think about as you prepare for divorce
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What to think about as you prepare for divorce

| Oct 9, 2020 | Divorce |

You’ve decided to divorce and you’re ready to move through the process. While you’re looking forward to putting your marriage behind you, it’s critical that you don’t rush. Doing so could lead you to make mistakes that you’ll regret.

While no two people take the exact same approach to the divorce process, there are some general things that everyone should think about as they prepare. Here’s where you should turn your attention:

  • Property and debt division: Which assets are subject to division? Which debts will you split? Do you have any assets and/or debts that are individual? A property and debt division checklist will help you better organize this part of your divorce, thus allowing you to best protect your legal rights.
  • Child custody: If you have children with your imminent ex-spouse, child custody matters are likely to move to the forefront. This can be broken down into many sub-categories, such as physical custody, legal custody, joint custody and visitation rights. Your goal is to create a parenting agreement that benefits both you and your ex, while always keeping the best interests of your children in mind.
  • Child support and alimony: These don’t come into play in every divorce, but they could affect your future. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re owed one or both or you’ll pay one or both, you should prepare in advance.
  • Your financial future: Don’t focus so much attention on the actual divorce process that you overlook the impact of it on your financial future. For example, if you want to stay in your family home, make sure you’re comfortable paying the mortgage and maintenance post-divorce.

These are the types of things you should think about as you prepare for divorce. You can’t prepare for everything, as you never know what will come your way, but you should do your best.

If you’re ill prepared and simply hope for the best, you may not get what you want from your divorce. As a result, your future will be cloudy, and you’ll eventually look back and realize that your ex took advantage of you.