Preparing For A Child Custody Dispute
McWhorter Law Firm Attorneys

Stand Up For Your Rights In A Custody Battle

You love your children more than anything else in the world. Unfortunately, child custody disputes are easily one of the most contested areas of family law. Even if parents try their best to work out an arrangement privately, it is sometimes necessary to escalate the matter in court. This may be particularly necessary if your child’s other parent has a history of substance abuse, severe mental illness or domestic violence.

If you are bracing yourself for a custody battle, we understand firsthand what you are experiencing. At McWhorter Law Firm, we have helped mothers and fathers throughout the Phoenix area stand up for their rights as parents. As a seasoned litigator, attorney Heath McWhorter has won many favorable verdicts at trial, including sole custody.

Protecting Your Children’s Best Interests

We always try to resolve parenting matters amicably outside of court. However, we understand that this is simply not practical or possible for many families. With that said, the children’s best interests should come first in any family dispute. Even as we prepare for litigation, we wish to shield your children from the impact of a custody battle as much as possible.

Why You Should Be Careful When Discussing Your Case

It is natural to want to discuss your child custody dispute with your loved ones. However, keep in mind that your communications can be twisted against you in court. This includes texts, emails and social media posts. Even if you think that a post is harmless, the other party may use it to make you seem like a bad parent. You should always talk to your lawyer before texting, emailing or posting anything about your case.

Let Us Stand Up For Your Rights

At McWhorter Law Firm, we are ready to fight for you aggressively in court. Talk to us in person about your child custody dispute when you schedule an initial consultation with our Arizona firm. To reach us, call 480-246-8074 or send an email.