Spousal Maintenance
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Alimony or, as the court refers to it in Arizona, spousal maintenance is a common factor in divorces. Whether you are the dependent spouse or the supporting spouse, you want to achieve a spousal maintenance arrangement that protects your best financial interests.

At McWhorter Law Firm, our attorney Heath McWhorter has nearly 20 years of experience assertively negotiating or litigating spousal maintenance cases. He is not afraid of a challenge and is willing to take every step possible to ensure that you reach your financial support goals. If you live in the Phoenix metro area and you need a tough family lawyer on your side, we are here to assist you.

Do My Spouse Or I Qualify For Spousal Maintenance?

Arizona has specific laws for awarding spousal maintenance. In our state, a former spouse who is petitioning for maintenance must demonstrate that he or she:

  • Lacks the funds to provide for their needs
  • Cannot be self-sufficient through employment
  • Provides care for a young child in lieu of employment
  • Contributed to the other spouse’s education
  • Can no longer find employment due to age

There is no way to determine whether you will have to pay or receive spousal maintenance by reading a list online. When you sit down with us for an initial consultation, our team can give you a better idea of what to expect from your maintenance arrangement and other divorce issues.

What To Know About Temporary Maintenance Orders

Sometimes, a spouse needs financial support until the divorce is complete. In these instances, the court may award temporary spousal maintenance. Also referred to as pendente lite support, it means that one spouse must provide support for the other to remain financially stable during the divorce process.

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