What You Should Know About Divorce In Arizona
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Helpful Information For Those Navigating A Divorce

When it comes to certain laws, every state is different. Arizona has specific rules put into place that must be followed in divorce. For almost 20 years, McWhorter Law Firm has helped clients work through this process. We can help you make informed decisions about your life and your future.

Splitting Assets: Helping Make Those Difficult Choices

Arizona is a community property state. This means that, when dividing property, it isn’t always split down the middle. Anything acquired during the marriage must be separated fairly. There are a number of factors that influence the way in which this is done. How long you were married, the independent financial status of each party and the health of both partners are all important. This requires an appraisal of your assets, such as properties, businesses, cars and art collections. Our attorneys work with necessary experts to make sure assets are properly valuated.

Even if you still trust your partner, making sure you cover your bases is crucial. Problems often arise when one party does not want to disclose their assets or is trying to hide them. In these situations, a knowledgeable attorney is the best person to have at your side. For those with complex assets, we are prepared to see you through it. We also help those with children. We understand the gravity of the choices you are making. When you retain our services, you can expect honesty and professionalism from beginning to end.

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