Property Division For Complex Assets
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Strong Advocacy In Complex Asset Division

In a divorce, dividing complex assets requires extensive consideration. You stand to lose a lot if you do not have effective advocacy in valuing the assets and negotiating the final arrangement.

At McWhorter Law Firm, our extensive experience is valuable for resolving complicated property division arrangements. With nearly two decades of experience in family law, Heath McWhorter has assisted numerous clients in securing the complex asset division arrangements they need.

We have handled estates involving complex assets such as:

  • Independent businesses
  • Shareholder benefits
  • Retirement benefits, such as 401(k)
  • Medical practices
  • Art collections
  • Multiple real estate properties

From helping you get a favorable property division settlement to determining a fair amount of spousal maintenance, we will advocate ferociously for your best interests. Contact us to get our tailored, zealous representation on your side. We will answer any and all questions that you have about divorce.

Standing Up For Your Needs In Court

Property division can quickly become contentious in a divorce. Each party might have its own estimation of the value of certain assets. They might not be able to come to an agreement on who gets to keep what.

In cases like these, you may need to go to trial to stand up for what you want. We are prepared to litigate your case fiercely if this is what it takes to protect your assets. Our attorney has won numerous favorable verdicts in family courts throughout Arizona.

Benefit From Our Network Of Resources

An accurate valuation is critical to receiving a fair settlement. You should not rely on the assessment of the other party’s experts; they might try to under-appraise the assets to give you a smaller settlement. We can connect you to valuation experts who can accurately assess your business, art collection or another property.

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At McWhorter Law Firm, we are ready to advocate for your best interests in your property division case. Schedule an initial consultation with us to talk about your future. To reach our firm, call 480-246-8074 or send us an email.