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A well-drafted real estate agreement is the bedrock of a successful transaction. In both the residential and commercial context, anticipating all potential outcomes, memorializing a client’s true understanding and drafting legally enforceable provisions to thoroughly protect a client’s rights, are essential functions performed by a real estate attorney. Heath is a proven master technician, when it comes to virtually any real estate transaction. He thrives on creating the most effective agreements of sale, leasing documents, and other real estate documents for his clientele.


Oftentimes arcane laws and principles impacting real estate law can make for complex litigation, best left to an attorney possessing both experience and mastery over such legal concepts. Easement litigation, seller disclosure fraud litigation, lead law claims, quiet title litigation, partition suits, REALTOR fraud, conservatorship actions, mechanic lien litigation, construction defect claims, premises liability actions, confession of judgment lawsuits, and consumer fraud matters are just a few of the types of real estate litigation McWhorter Law Firm handles.  


Heath has interacted with thousands of contacts in search of information pertinent to both sophisticated and more straightforward real estate law issues. As a litigator, educator, business person and writer, he possesses a unique array of skills, suitable to both macro and micro analysis. By way of example, both individual and corporate clients frequently require guidance in advance of an acquisition, as to entity formation, investment strategies, and potential zoning and licensing challenges, for example. Additionally, real estate consulting can also be suitable as an alternative to formal representation, on a case-by-case basis.

Business Formation Attorneys in Arizona

McWhorter Law Firm Helps Organize Businesses and Set Proper Guidelines

If you need help organizing your company, McWhorter Law’s business formation attorneys in Arizona can help.

We help business owners organize and form their companies by focusing on goals, concerns, tax preferences, and more.

There are many types of business structures that consider these factors, among others. Typical business structures are; sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations.

There are several factors to consider when organizing and structuring your business, such as:

You can determine which business structure best suits you for growth and success by using McWhorter Law’s business formation attorneys in Arizona. We will help choose the right business structure for your company. Contact McWhorter Law’s business formation attorneys in Arizona for help. Schedule a free consultation with us so we can explain the business formation process and offer our legal support.

Worthwhile Estate Planning to Protect Assets and Preserve Wishes

Planning for the future is wise no matter who you are or what type of position you are in. If you have the right to decide what happens with any of your assets, you want to ensure that it is protected and dealt with in the way you see fit. Importantly, estate planning in Arizona, is also important for your health. Maybe you have never given much thought to what would happen to your property and your loved ones when you pass on, or perhaps you have specific ideas and preferences you would like addressed. McWhorter Law Firm can provide that information. Here our Arizona estate planning attorneys offer helpful and understandable insight to aid you in making these important decisions. Our estate planning attorneys also offer solutions on how to carry out your wishes when you are stuck. No matter the situation, there is always a way to protect you, your interests, and your wishes.

McWhorter Law Firm provides comprehensive and understanding estate planning services tailored to your needs and wishes, including:

Benefits of Estate Planning

At McWhorter Law Firm our estate planning attorneys can assist you with estate planning which has the following benefits:

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